Sunday, June 14, 2009

China Intangible Cultural Heritage - Hairy Monkey, Memento Mori

From the English language China Daily, a woeful catalogue of the aptly titled "intangible cultural heritage" of China:
1. A Shadow Puppet Family
2. Hairy Monkey
3. Dough Figurine Lang
4. Chinese Gourds
5. Hu Pengfei and his Rabbit God
6. A Clothname Card for China
7. Burning Picture
8. Yang Yingying and her Chinese Pictures
9. The Art of Paper Cutting
10. Hao Shaoxi the Artist
I challenge my five regular readers to use this list as a basis for a table of contents - novel, flash fiction, memoir, etc.

Hairy Monkey (毛猴) to the right and below. These constructions, part of a broader miniatures art culture, are made from cicada extremities and magnolia buds, and often used to make humorous set pieces, tableaus, etc. But I ask - are these figurines "cute and lovely," or among the most terrifying memento moris around?


  1. I'm gonna have nightmares about these things for weeks. If I ever see one of these in real life I am going to cry.

  2. I'm with Jamie. Nightmares and tears for me.