Monday, April 11, 2011

Purchasing Power Parity

Six Million Dollar Man (1974) 

"The Six Million Dollar Man is an American television series about a former astronaut with bionic implants working for the OSI (which was usually referred to as the Office of Scientific Intelligence, the Office of Scientific Investigation or the Office of Strategic Intelligence[1])."
Sixty Million Dollar Man (1995)
"Sing offends local crime lord Fumito (Joe Cheng) by dancing with Fumito's girl in a Pulp Fiction-inspired dance contest. In a fit of rage, Fumito orders his henchman Mark (Charles Shen) to kill SingWhen Tat comes to rescue his son, both are caught by Mark and tied together in a bathroom stall, where Mark planted a bomb. Sing chops off his arm and manages to let his father escape on an ejector toilet seat, leaving Sing to apparently die in the explosion. Sing's brain and lips are recovered. There is technology to construct a new body for him at the cost of $60,000,000. However, since Sing renounced his rich father, he doesn't have the money. Tat can only provide $6,000. Chang (Elvis Tsui), offers to create a body for $6,000. After some trial and error, such as creating legs out of arms, Sing is transformed into a cyborg. "
The Six Million Rupee Man (2007 via Goodness Gracious Me)
"Sanjeev Austin..the man's barely alive. We can rebuild him. We have the power. We have the capability. We don't have the ideal exchange rate...."

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